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The Somalia Strategy Forum (SSF) is both a research institute and a “hands-on” institutional capacity-development organization that promotes the full spectrum human security development of the Somali people. We believe that in order to help develop the foundational conditions necessary for the Somali people to ultimately secure communal self-actualization, there must be a collective intellectual commitment to academic excellence, pragmatic problem solving, and enlightened governance. Thus, we actively support non-partisan research designed to help elucidate the role that could – and should - be played by the International Community in general - and the Somali people in particular – in helping normalize, de-stigmatize, institutionalize and democratize the social, political, economic and security fabric of Somalia and the Horn of Africa.

In short, we seek to enhance nuanced understanding of how the situation in Somali has evolved, as well as provide doctrinally sound, academically informed, and pragmatically realized prescriptions for how we – as an International Community - can help Somalia and the Somali people improve their situation at home and abroad. Further, we seek to serve as an arena for civil dialogue and debate. Human history reveals that when people of good faith work together for the common good, there is virtually no social problem that cannot be resolved. Thus, we as people of good faith seek to help foster the inclusive preconditions that will eventually eliminate the adverse social, political, economic, religious, ethnic, and environmental conditions plaguing Somalia. In the meantime, we will continue to support the “hands-on” effort necessary to create viable governance institutions that will eventually serve as the vehicles of success in Somalia.

This will be an evolving and continuous process. Thus, we will require the assistance of all those in the International Community – including our Somali brothers and sisters living in the diaspora - who would give of their time, their talent and their treasure to help us secure peace in the Horn of Africa and enhance the prosperity of all those living in the region.

The “bottom line” is that the Somalia Strategy Forum – formed by people of good will – appeal to the force of logic, not the logic of force. We appeal to an understanding of lack, not a lack of understanding. We appeal to a faith in dreams, not dreams of faith. We appeal to you.
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