Executive Director

Yusuf Ahmed Maalin

Mr. Yusuf Ahmed Maalin is Executive Director and Founder of the Somalia Strategy Forum (SSF). He joined the World Engagement Institute as an International Fellow and Advisor on human security issues for the Horn of Africa. He previously served as the President of World Telecom Corporation, worked with the Chicago Board of Election, and had a management position with Avon Corporation. He has a biomedical background with a Bachelor of Science degree from DePaul University in Chemistry and Biology. He is a leader, an unfaltering advocate of the Somali people, and a change-agent championing the increased effectiveness of Somalia's governance infrastructure. In his regard, Mr. Maalin currently coordinates the efforts of a large network of Somalis engaged in capacity building programs promoting political stability and sustainable economic development throughout the entire country of Somalia. Through the Somali Coastal Infrastructure Management (SCIM) strategy and other institutional capacity building programs, Mr. Maalin has mobilized a concerned group of Somalis committed to political stability and human security of their country. Their combined efforts are primarily directed at the Country's reconstruction, rehabilitation and development of important physical and social infrastructure. Mr. Maalin believes that encouraging economic opportunity is critical to the enhancement of national, regional and international dialogue. His public service leadership agenda centers on the promotion of dialogue between diverse Somali communities and the establishment of sustainable cooperation programs throughout the region. Supported by a global network of Somalis in diaspora, he has been promoting Somali women’s rights while simultaneously establishing institutional government capacity and various peace building efforts. His concerns related to community health extend to the Somalia hunger crisis and poverty alleviation through the promotion of sustainable food production and community agriculture.
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