Senior Fellows

Dr. Mohamed Ali Abukar

Dr. Mohamed Ali Abukar, is the Founder and President of Somali American United Council of Arizona. Dr. Mohamed holds a BS degree, two MS degrees including a certificate in Journalism and a Ph.D. with a major in Public Administration and an emphasis in Agricultural Extension Management. Dr. Mohamed Ali has worked for Utah State University in two departments over the past seven years. Specifically, he has served as the instructor for three different Agricultural System Technology & Education courses. Dr. Mohamed was the Chairman of the Notational Production; Director General of the ministry of Agriculture & General Manger of the Agricultural Extension & Farm Management Training project (AFMET) AFMET was a one of the biggest project in the ministry of agriculture & was jointly funded by USAID, the World Bank (IDA), the African Development Fund (ADF) & Government of Somalia. Dr. Mohamed is known world-wide for His work with agricultural extension education development agencies & His life experiences with AFMET, FAO & the European Union signify an Individual who has worked on the front lines of agricultural development for more than 25 years. Dr. Mohamed introduced new crops such as rice in the Middle Shabelle Region of Somalia. The adoption of this crop was monumental & has improved the lives of the framer of Shabelle Region. Through his efforts, agriculture development in developing nation has experienced significant improvement, especially in dry land production, Somalia,& Sub–Sahara Africa. Dr. Mohamed was awarded the Silver Medal for meritorious conduct for his exceptional contribution on the agricultural production in Somalia.

Dr. Fozia Abrar

Dr. Abrar is the Department Head for HealthPartners Occupational and Environmental Medicine. She is board certified in occupational medicine and preventive medicine. Dr. Abrar’s special interests are international health issues, Population Health, life style medicine, and disability prevention for employee populations.

Dr. Abrar graduated from Semmelweis University of Medicine in Budapest. She completed Masters in Public Health in Boston University School of Public Health. She completed Preventative Medicine Residency in Carney Hospital & Tufts Med. Univ., Boston, MA. She is a practicing physician in Twin Cities Metro area.

Mr. Dayib Mohamud Sheikh Ahmed

Mr. Dayib Mohamud Sheikh-Ahme, is the President of Mareeg State of Central Somalia. He joined the Somalia Strategy Forum as a Senior Fellow and Advisor on human security issues for the Horn of Africa Mr. Dayib is the Executive Director of Universal TV in North America. He has political science background and educated from US. He previously served hospitality industry for many years. In 2004 Mr. Dayib Won the highest Award member of DC Chamber of commerce, a member of WACA , a member of WCTC , and left DC government in 2009.. Mr. Dayib advocates in collaboration of the Somali government to encourage the socio-economic stability in the country. The areas upon which he focuses are improving the physical infrastructure of Somalia, introducing new healthcare initiatives, upgrading Somali education, and enhancing the socio economic status of the Somali people. The President of Mareeg State of Central Somalia has a wife and two kids and currently lives in Washington Metropolitan.

Ms. Fowsia Abdulkadir

Ms. Fowsia Abdulkadir is a policy analyst at the Public Health Agency of Canada, and is Ph.D Candidate at Carleton University’s School of Canadian Studies, in Ottawa. Ms. Abdulkadir earned BSW & MSW from Carleton University, Ottawa, concentrating in Canadian social policy. As well Ms. Abdulkadir has obtained graduate Certificate of Teaching English as Second Language (C.T.E.S.L) from Carleton, and a B.A. in economics from Alighar University, India. Ms. Abdulkadir’s research interests can be placed both in the international and national (Canadian) arenas. In the international context, her research interests are in the areas of gender-based analysis, gender mainstreaming, as well as the role of women in governance, democratization and conflict resolution, and social justice in the Horn of Africa. In the Canadian national context, her research interests are in Canadian social policy analysis; public sector accountability; and immigrant and refugee women settlement issues, particularly exploring how these women re-negotiate their social identities in a context of intersecting issues of ethnicity, gender and race. Ms. Abdulkadir volunteers with local community based organization on local issues facing the ethnically diverse communities of Ottawa.

Mr. Ibrahim M. Ayeh

Mr. Ibrahim Ayeh has a Master of Arts in Mathematics from Eastern Michigan University and has been Working with schools and various educational programs, including holding a challenging position in international organizations on curriculum and staff development. He has written several articles about "How to Work with the Somalia Student," which has been published in educational newsletters and also in the updated mathematics curriculum for College of Education, Somalia.

  • Minneapolis Public School Board of Education recognition of outstanding services
  • McKnight Foundation Award in with a reward of $10,000
  • Outstanding American Teachers- National Honor Rolls
  • Outstanding Leadership Award by the confederation of Somalia Community
  • Translated in Somali the preparation material for Minnesota’s Basic Standard Test in Mathematics, Grade Level Expectations, Sexual Harassment and a lot of documents from Minnesota State of Education, and the District of Minneapolis

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