Our Partners
The Somali Strategy Forum seeks to effect change through partnerships with academic institutions, civil society groups, domestic and international NGOs, and research institutes. Some of our valuable partners include:

Amoud Unviersity, Professor Suleiman Ahmed Gulaid, President.

Mogadishu Unviersity, Adam Ahmed Hussein, President's Office Director.

Benadir Unviersity, Professor Osman Adan Abdule Osman, Rector: Mogadishu-Somalia.

SIMAD, Ustaad Abraham Mohamed Hussein.

Indian Ocean University.

World Engagement Institute (WEI), Academically-based international development organization.

National Strategy Forum, Chicago-based national security research institute.

MaalteK, a pioneering leader in training, consultancy, and developing network solutions.

Somali American United Council of Arizona, a non-profit organization that connects Somali communities in Arizona with each other and the rest of the American society.

Homeland Care Foundation, a Somali NGO working to build educational infrastructure in Somalia.
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