Speaker Presentations

Ms. Fowsia Abdulkadir

Policy Analyst at the Public Health Agency of Canada
Governance Capacity, including Rule of Law and Justice Sector Development.

Ms. Fowsia Abdulkadir offered some provocative remarks regarding human security and the current constitutional process. "We know the process, but we need to focus on the context"... "People identity has been politicized"... "Religion cannot be discriminatory" ... We risk "constitutionalizing apartheid." Security is essential for governance capacity development and critical for building the justice sector but the concept needs to be broadened into ‘human security’, which encompasses economic, health, physical, political and social security for any member of the population. Somalia represents a complex and instructive case study for the area of human security as freedom from fear and want.

Mr. Sumit Bisarya
Post-August 2012: Implementing the Constitution and Beyond
Dr. Thomas Ginsburg
Somali Constitution: The Consultation Draft and the Way Ahead.
Prof. Hodan Said Isse
Nation-building and Peace-Building Through Economic Development
Ms. Fowsia Abdulkadir
Governance Capacity, including Rule of Law and Justice Sector Development
Mr. Ibrahim M. Ayeh
Literacy and Educational Capacity Development
Dr. Fozia Abrar
Health Sector Development
Dr. Mohamed Ali Abukar
Poverty Eradication Strategies for Food Security
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