Somali Citizens for Solutions Conference
  • Coming in 2014

    The Somalia Strategy Forum and the Somali American United Council of Arizona invite you to join us in an important undertaking to build on our initial collaboration of the Voices of Somali Women Conference from February 26, 2013.

    • Sponsors: Somalia Strategy Forum, Somali American Council of Arizona.
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      Somali solutions are borne from the voice of its people. Since the placement of newly elected officials, now more than ever, Somali citizens and its Diaspora must take individual responsibility to aid in the future success of its government. Every developed country has been measured by its capacity of ingenuity and its immediate action to produce & compete in the world. It is NOW time to use the natural talents and abilities of our people to establish a more civil society that aids in the development and success of future generations. We need to unify our efforts & resources to lay down the necessary groundwork that will guarantee our country’s future success. Open dialogue has always been an instrumental tool in addressing the many issues affecting the Somali people. “We are witnessing a new era in Somalia” today that same tradition of open dialogue is more vitally important NOW than ever before. We serve one another by believing that what stirs the human spirit is the ability to go beyond ourselves and serve a higher cause for a greater good.

      Key Topics:
      • Counterfeit Drug abuse
      • Societal Healing & Reconciliation
      • Tribal Tolerance
      • Independence & Ingenuity
      • Education & Curriculum
      • Economic Growth & International Trade
      • New Communal Infrastructure
      • Agriculture and Food Security
      • Health Care

      In particular, we are seeking: partnerships with individuals, organization, and universities for long term development projects ; in kind donations for lunch and beverage; a host site venue for the conference and fellow-up conference ; and subject matter experts on Somalia.

      Please visit here to contact the Somalia Strategy Forum.

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