The Somalia Strategy Forum has targeted a number of key areas where strategic and innovative thinking can be applied to the myriad challenges facing Somalia today.

Foremost among these are:
  • Strategic Thinking, finding and developing unique opportunities to create value by enabling a provocative and creative dialogue among people who can affect Somali‚Äôs direction.

  • Human Security, promoting effective responses to severe threats faced by individuals and their communities as a result of conflict and insufficient government.

  • The Somali Diaspora, serving as a liaison between Somalis back home and throughout the world.

  • Governance, building credible, transparent, dependable and participatory institutions that establish efficient governance, public administration, and judicial oversight.

  • Project Coordination, facilitating the logistics and delivery of humanitarian assistance while adhering to existing program funding objectives.

  • Community Development, creating public awareness and influencing public opinion than can be translated into understanding social problems and finding effective solutions.

  • Empowering Women, helping empower Somali Women by providing a venue for accomplished Somali and international leaders to serve as mentors and advisors for less experienced women living in Somalia and the diaspora.

  • Business Development, creating a better Somalia by improving sustainable economic development and opportunities for all Somali citizens.

Full policy positions can be found on each of these critical areas in the links above and below.

SSF Position Statements
Strategic Thinking
Human Security
Somali Diaspora
Project Coordination
Community Development
Empowering Women
Business Development

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