Business Development
One critical aspect of The Somalia Strategy Forum’s vision of a better Somalia is building sustainable economic development by creating opportunities for all Somalia citizens. This begins with creating a long-term strategy for creating new and well-paying jobs for Somalia citizens. A key first step to this process is making Somalia a place where existing businesses can grow and thrive and entrepreneurship can be encouraged and fostered. The SSF, as part of a long-term business development strategy, must look to enact policies and create new tools to retain existing jobs, spur innovation, and attract businesses of the future.

The Somalia Strategy Forum is committed to planning and executing strategies to enhance Somalia's position as a global business center. To achieve this, SSF is actively involved in dreaming, designing and delivering solutions that create value for investors and companies in Somalia. Our mission is to create sustainable economic growth, vibrant business, and good job opportunities in Somalia.

Our “Host to Home” strategy articulates how we are positioning Somalia for the future. In short, it aims to extend Somalia's value proposition to businesses. By creating an environment where innovation and free enterprise can flourish, Somalia can offer businesses an opportunity not just to improve their bottom line, but also to help them grow their top line by using their success in Somalia to drive their business, innovation and talent objectives in Africa and globally.

We care for each other, respect people as individuals, listen to understand, and seek to enrich the lives of those we work with. We never compromise on integrity. Honesty, sincerity and reliability are the keys to earning trust and building long-term business relationships. We work together, inspire each other and celebrate success. We need imagination, innovation and initiative to create a better future. We dare to always do what is right, stand by our convictions, confront our shortcomings, think differently when necessary, and lead. We strive to be the best that we can be, using our talents and abilities to reach out and fulfill our potential. We serve Somalia and our people, believing that what stirs the human spirit is the ability to go beyond the self to serve a higher cause and a greater purpose.

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