Empowering Women
The Somali Strategy Forum is dedicated to helping empower Somali Women by providing a venue for accomplished Somali and international leaders – specifically including accomplished women – to serve as mentors and advisors for less experienced women living in Somalia and the diaspora. Among the programing options offered by SSF mentors are workplace readiness skills-development sessions, culture and language training, business development assistance, and professional advancement advice for women seeking to enter professional areas as diverse as small business to the artistic and creative industries. Further, the SSF is committed to recruiting and coordinating a talent pool of qualified mentors, helping focus this talent to areas where it is most needed, and investing in Somali women as a way of ensuring full, fair, free and equal opportunity for all our people.

We also recognize that our youth are our future. Therefore, we actively encourage the educational development of Somali children, including Somali girls. In this regard, SSF acts as a connector between educators and Somali girls, thus facilitating enhanced opportunities for growth and development. Further, mindful of our rich and diverse heritage, we connect Somali girls with more mature Somali women, thus facilitating frank side-by-side dialogue, information exchange, and personal development. In this way, we not only help position young girls to excel in the professional, inter-connected, globalized world, we simultaneously help preserve Somali culture and tradition.

The Somali Strategy Forum’s various gender education, mentorship and cultural development programs help broadly promote Somali women’s social, economic and political empowerment; they help promote pride and self-esteem; they help facilitate leadership development; and they enhance community involvement.

The Somali Strategy Forum offers a comprehensive array of gender empowerment, workforce development and self-sufficiency assistance. This assistance specifically includes:

  • Intensive entrepreneurial training, with ongoing personalized coaching, mentoring, networking and support services in and outside of Somali;

  • Micro-enterprise mentorship that facilitates entrepreneurship training and market analysis; and

  • Health care and technology skills-development training that helps promote the full participation of Somali Women in the technical and health-related career fields.

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