Human Security
The Somalia Strategy Forum for Human Security engages in independent and collaborative research on the causes of political violence, the effects of conflict on civilians, the methods of conflict resolution, and the transition from conflict to stable peace. Human security is deliberately protective. It recognizes that people and communities are fatally threatened by events well beyond their control, such as a financial crisis, a violent conflict, a national policy that undercuts public and private investments in health care, a shortage of water, or a chronic destitution.

The Somalia Strategy Forum for Human Security promotes effective responses to severe threats faced by individuals and their communities as a result of conflict and insufficient government. The gravest threats to human security arise when governments are unable or unwilling to protect their population from internal and external threats. Governments face their greatest challenges when the lives and livelihoods of the people they govern are threatened. To that end, the Somalia Strategy Forum will conducts research on the causes and consequences of political violence and economic underdevelopment, and works to advance the idea that governments have a sovereign responsibility to protect their people.

Various governmental and organizational interventions have failed to provide a stable peace for the last two decades. It is imperative to find better alternatives that engage all stakeholders to promote peace and security by providing people of Somalia with the opportunities to achieve human security, health care, infrastructure, and economic development.

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