Project Coordination
Past efforts to help Somalia have been hampered by instability and insecurity on the ground. Consequently, most organizations are constrained in providing humanitarian services to Somalia. The Somalia Strategy Forum overcomes this problem by: 1) basing its international management in the U.S.; and 2) by engaging local-level partners to provide the necessary human security for program implementation. The Somalia Strategy Forum will facilitate the logistics and delivery of humanitarian assistance while adhering to existing program funding objectives.

The Somalia Strategy Forum partners with various international organizations including non-governmental agencies, The World Engagement Institute, The National Strategy Forum, the United Nations, and others to provide project coordination for humanitarian aid, emergency response, economic and social development, and health and agricultural development programs. The Somali Strategy Forum coordinates and implements these programs by employing local agents in established communities on the ground that can efficiently organize resources, collect information, and provide the necessary security for implementation. The Somalia Strategy Forum is also capable of gathering information, creating strategic plans, and assessing the situation on the ground.

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